Administrative Family

Paul Aguilar – Chief Operating Officer

Paul Aguilar is a founding partner in SXW, having been involved in and around cheerleading...
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Catherine Amundsen- Production Materials Specialist

Catherine Amundsen is a NMAA certified cheerleading coach and certified educator in South East New...
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Mathew D Archunde – Director of Innovation and Enterprise

Mathew Archunde is a master choreographer who works with cheerleaders to help them to achieve...
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Arianne Clark – Director of Safety, Health and Fitness

Arianne Clark is a certified emergency medical technician and healthy lifestyle coach who works with...
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Patty Aguilar – Owner/Executive Director, Spirit Xpress West

Patty Aguilar is the founder and executive director of Spirit Xpress West. Patty is known...
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Makaylah Salazar Etzel – Social Media Guru

Makaylah Salazar Etzel 14 years of High School and All-Star Cheer in her resume. Among...
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